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Bottlehead Paradox as seen at VSAC 2003

Wavelength Audio's VENUS 45 all SILVER Parafeed SET - Gordon Rankin's BEST 45 amplfier yet!  MQ Powered

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Established in 1989, MagneQuest has been making the finest vacuum tube audio transformers for over 25 years, yet our roots run much further back, to the heyday of transformer design. We own Peerless and Acrosound with all the countless hours of design work and papers. Our history runs deeper than any other audio transformer maker in the world.

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Look for some exciting new DIY action with a great project that is simple as simple gets - this a push-pull amp with SET parts count! Dr. Lessard has changed his circuit yet again, and we just now received the latest pic - See below.

The driver is a 6C45-pi. The phase splitting is done MQ Blogspot! with the excellent MQ EXO-173. The PSU is tube rectified. Output Iron from MagneQuest of course, this consisting of the heavy duty MQ/Peerless S-240-A Permalloy (available in M6 and Pinstriping as well). All of this is wrapped in a beautiful hand polished Zebrawood chassis! It's TRIODES with an ATTITUDE.

And the best part? It's going to be fully documented with step by step instructions and photos, all provided by resident MQ DIY loon, Jean-Francois Lessard, the Quebec City, French-speaking nomad, now locked in a frigid 106 year old uptown brick workroom garage, nicknamed "The Ice Box."


Jean-Francois Lessard's DHT 2A3  Class A  Push Pull Monoblocks

Please take a look around our site! We will be posting more DIY info with schematics and circuits soon, as well as more transformer info (see Lessard and Strain's Parafeed offerings in DIY).

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