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Bottlehead is a full line MagneQuest dealer. We can get any iron from Michael LaFevre because he loves us so! And you get to reap the rewards of the best transformers the world has to offer. Mike makes these wonders to order so there will be a small wait if he has none on the shelf. Let me tell you, it's worth it! If you have come from the MQ site and dont see something here you want, just drop us a mail and we'll see if we can scare it up.

Parallel Feed Output Transformers

For SE 2A3, 6A3, 6B4


2.5K:8 ohms, 3 watts max
permalloy core, solid brass channel frame.
As used in the Paraglow 2A3 amp.
Price $150 each

2.5K:16 ohms version of above
Price $150 each

For SE 45, 71A, 417A/5842, 6CK4, 6DN7


5K:8 ohms, 2 watts max
permalloy core, solid brass channel frame
Price $150 each


5K:16 ohms version of above
Price $150 each

For SE 300B and variants ( VV32, VV 52, VA5300, etc):


3K:16,8 and 4 ohm taps, 15 watts max
painted black end bells, M4 core
Price $150 each

Pinstripe (M6 with Permalloy "pinstripes")
painted black bell ends
As used in the Blues Master VV32/300B amp in Issue 1&2 1998 VALVE
Price $225 each

all Permalloy core, 12 watts max
painted black bell ends
As used in the Parabee 300B circuit.
Price $300 each

For 845, SV811, 50 ( 5K primary is often used in Japan with 300B as well)

5K:16,8 or 4 ohms, 20 watts max
M6 with Permalloy "pinstripes"
painted black bell ends -

As used in the Parable, Doc's own parafeed SV-8113A amp.
Price $250 each NEW LOW PRICE

Parallel Feed Linestage Transformers

15K:500 ohms CT
5:1 step down ratio, 17VACrms maximum signal input.
permalloy core, brass channel frame
56,76,6J5, 6SN7,5965,5670,12AV7, 6N1P
Price $99 each

5K: 500 ohms CT, as above
417A/5842, 437A/3A-167M, 5687, 7119, 71A
Price $99 each

Either can be used in one of two variations of the Soul Sister preamp

Parallel Feed Interstage Transformers

RIT-5 "senior"
5K:5K (1:1)
M6 Lams
channel frame

$125 each

NOTE: add $100 per pair for Permalloy core on either style

Great with 417A/5842 or 5687/7119 as driver.

The RIT-5 "senior" 5K:5K parafeed interstage transformer is for applications requiring high grid swing. They will handle up to 160V rms input for 225V peak output, suitable for driving grids of cathode biased 845, SV 572, etc. Designed to be cap coupled to the plate of the driver tube, with no DC voltage or current on primary or secondary. Available with M6 lams in an "underchassis version" - channel frame and solder terminals for $250 the pair, with Kimber leads for $298 the pair, and you can get either version with Permalloy lams instead of M6 for an additional $100 the pair

NEW RIT-5 "junior"
5K:5K, 1:1 ratio, parafeed only
M4 Lams
solid brass channel frame
similar to the EXO-35/36 in size
Price $99 each Introductory Pricing!

Handles 60V rms maximum input signal, note that this is a *20Hz* rating, not 30Hz like some others use. This will give you a maximum output swing of 85V peak, so this can drive grids of 2A3s, 45s, 300Bs, 50s, etc, anything running with a cathode bias of 85V or less. This unit is specifically optimized for cathode biased tubes. Bandwidth is super flat beyond 100kHz. You want low DCR? How about 55 ohms primary DCR? For comparison, the highly touted NC-20 is over 400 ohms primary DCR.

NEW RIT-5 " junior" NI
Same size and specs as the RIT-5 jr., same awesome 100kHz+ bandwidth, same 60V rms input signal rating. The differences are that the lams are Permalloy and the DCR is a bit higher at 188 ohms in order to optimize the performance of the IT for the nickel laminations.
Price $99 each Introductory Pricing!

Parallel Feed Plate Loading Chokes

Permalloy version of above
Used in Doc's Parable amp

How about a grid choke instead of a grid resistor?

Price $75 each

10mA, 100H, 2075 ohms DCR
channel frame.
Price $45 each

20 mA, 100H, 985 ohms DCR
brass channel frame
Price $55 each

50mA, 40H, 550 ohms DCR
channel frame

Price $50 each

60 mA, 30H, 344 ohms DCR
brass channel frame
As used in Paraglow and Parabee
Price $75 each

NEW B.A.C. 100
100mA, 48H
black bell ends
mounting dims. 3"W X 2-13/16"D
actual dims 3-3/4" W X 3-7/8" D X 4-1/2" H
Price $150 each

Air-Gapped SE Output Transformers


16,8,4 ohms, 8 watts, 60 mA

The MagneQuest/Peerless TFA-204 is a conventional airgapped single ended output transformer with a 3K ohm primary and 4,8 and 16 ohm secondaries, rated for 60mA maximum primary DC and 8 watts power handling. Originally designed by Peerless as a replacement for the famous Western Electric A171A transformer used in the WE91 300B amp, the TFA-204 is a great match for SE 2A3 (used in our Afterglow 2A3 kit) and lower power (8 watts or less) 300B applications, as well the best way to modify the ParaS.E.X. to a conventional single-ended topology. The Paramour, Afterglow and B-Glow chassis all have mounting holes that make installation of the TFA-204 a 20 minute procedure. The MagneQuest TFA-204 uses modern insulating materials which take the sweet sonics even beyond those of the original. It would be very difficult to find a transformer with a sweeter midrange. The magnetic design is virtually identical to the larger DS-025 and RS-330 models. Donít let the competitive pricing of these beauties let you think they are "entry level" or "experimenter grade" transformers. These transformers are made with the best materials and lovingly stacked by hand by the premier transformer manufacturer in the universe, Mike LaFevre.
Mounting centers, 1-3/4" x 2-3/8"
Price $125 each

MagneQuest's excellent DS-025
16,8,4 ohms, 25 watts, 60 mA
Drop in upgrade to the AES SE-1
(See DS-025 at MagneQuest Online)
Price $180 each

DS- 050
16,8,4 ohms, 20 watts, 40 mA
For 45, 50
Price $180 each
The Legendary FS-030

16,8,4 ohms, 40 watts, 60 mA
For 300b
(see FS-030 at MagneQuest Online)
Price $360 each

MQ Push Pull Output Transformers

6600CT:16,8 ohms 30 watts
Price $149 each

4300CT: 16,8 ohms 60 watts
Price $189 each

2200CT:16,8,4, ohms, 120 watts 
Price $250 each

4300CT:16,8,4 ohms, 35 watts
Price $149 each

Peerless Output Transformers

The legend still lives on in Peerless, a no compromise design with the highest reguard to materials, quality, and craftsmanship. Mike LaFevre takes the original blueprints and design sheets from Peerless, and crafts the iron just as they were in the Heyday of transformer design. These are the only transformers fit to carry the legendary Peerless name.

The One and Only Peerless!  The Best!
Peerless 20-20 Plus series S-271-A

configure as 5000CT:16,8,4,1 ohms, 200 mA, 80 watts
or 1250CT:16,8,4,1, ohms, 400mA, 80 watts

Price $600 each

Peerless 20-20 Plus series S-275-A
configure as 4000CT: 16,8,4,2
or 8000: 32,.16,8,4
or 12,000:48,24,12,6 ohms
120 mA, 80 watts

Price $600 each

Power Transformers

PGP 8.1
120V primary, secondaries 350-0-350V 75 mA, 6.3V 2A, 2X 2.5V 1.25A
Horizontal (drop through) Mount
Used in Afterglow, B-Glow, Paraglow, Parabee.

Price $82.50 each

universal primary, secondaries 350-0-350V 100 mA, 5V 3A, 6.3V .5A, 2X 2.5V 1.25A, black bell ends

Price $175 each


To order any of these MagneQuest products, or if you have any questions, contact Bottlehead Corp. at

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