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MagneQuest transformers are unequaled in high fidelity audio today. MagneQuest supplies the top transformers for DIY audio constructors.

Looking for the best output transformer for your Single-Ended Triode tube amplifier? Looking for a transformer that does not saturate under load and exhibits a 20-20khz frequency response with your DHT designs? Look no further; MagneQuest has the best selection of SE iron for your AVVT, KR, NOS, and Western Electric valves, transformers that will allow you to take these amazing valves to their highest performance.

Whether it be traditional Air-Gapped SE iron, cutting edge Parafeed SE outputs, or top quality push-pull outputs, we have it covered. Our chokes, interstage iron, and power trannies are also considered the best in the business. Look at the leading edge tube amplification kits and you will see our iron. From the complete line of Bottlehead amps with Parafeed applications to the superior dealers that supply our transformers for the top Single-ended and push-pull circuits, MagneQuest is there for the discriminating user.

We sell our iron worldwide; indeed, Japan, home of the Single-Ended Triode resurgence, is one of our top importers. Quite simply, there is no substitution for our quality and craftsmanship.

Please visit our suppliers below by clicking on the screenshot or link. To discuss MQ iron applications and circuits, please drop by the MAGNEQUEST FORUM-TECH SUPPORT.

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EIFL - One of the top Japanese Importers and Exporters of  fine gear!
One of the top Japanese suppliers of quality audio components, EIFL is a trading and mail order company based in Sayama City, Japan. They specialize in importing and exporting vintage audio gear from all over the world. They carry many parts for the DIY hobbyist, including a large selection of MagneQuest iron for the discriminating music lover. Check out their site for some nice shots of our transformers.

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