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Horus 2A3 Silver
By Jean-François Lessard


Part list

MagneQuest MQR 5500 Universal power transformer
T2,3 Hammond choke 3 H 100 mA (MagneQuest would be a good substitute here)
T4 Custom made MagneQuest EXO-35 with silver wound secondary
T5 MagneQuest EXO-03 Plate Choke
T6 MagneQuest BCP-16Ni Grid Choke

R1 Allen-Bradley 90 ohms 2W
R2 Allen-Bradley 470 ohms 2W
R3 Dale wirewound 2.7K 10W
R4 Dale wirewound 13K 10W
R5 Dale wirewound 6K 10W
R6 Dale 100K 10W
R7 NEI non inductive wirewound 1K 50W
R8 Holco 330K 1/2W
R9 Any 10 ohms 1/4W
R10 Alps 100K Black Beauty pot

C1 Solen Polypropylene 1.5uF 630V
C2a,b Elna Cerafine 100uF+100uF 500V
C3 Solen Polypropylene 47uF 630V
C4 Black Gate electrolytic 160uF 100V
C5 Anstron tin-foil-in oil 0.1uF 400V (Jensen or AudioNote copper in foil are good substitutes)
C6 Two Anstron tin-foil-in oil 0.1uF 400V in parallel (Jensen/AN copper in foil are good subs)
C7 Two SCR Tin foil and film 1.5uF 630V in parallel (Mike Lafevre suggests between 4 - 5 uF )
C8 Solen Metallized Polypropylene 10 uF 630V
C9 Any small value ceramic disk capacitor (approx 0.01 uF)
C10 Any electrolytic 7000 uF with the appropriate voltage rating

V1 1/2 5687
V2 1/2 5687
V3 Mullard GZ34
V4 AVVT 2A3 Mesh Plate

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