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Take a look below at some of the latest happenings from MQ Online. We are very excited about the next few months as we are planning an assortment of compelling projects such as the DIY documentation of the building of the ultimate 2A3 Triode Push-pull Monoblocks. Look for other surprises as well; we can't give ALL away! Each of the graphics at right links details, shots, or more info. Let us hear from you!

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Take a look at the current line with pricing for the legendary MagneQuest transformers. Any questions?   Drop by the MQ forum where Mikey LaFevre will hop on and talk personally.
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MagneQuest and Mike LaFevre finally launch the long awaited MQ Forum for MQ customers, DIY Loons, and anyone interested in MQ products, sharing info, iron inquiries, DIY projects, and more! Mike will be joining in frequently with answers, comments, and customer support plus links to the MQ website on specials and upcoming projects. Drop by and say hello!

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Peerless Ingot
Peerless Sonics ~ Stunning Aesthetics

Mikey LaFevre takes from the RICHES of the MQ/Peerless vault to create unparalleled sonics via the utter simplificty and purity of design.

Information ~ Pics
Peerless Ingot

2A3 SETH S-240 Push-Pull Monos

DIY PROJECT from Dr. Lessard ever arrive?
Jean-Francois Lessard might be the Dr. of Procrastination but some things can't be helped. After running into some road blocks, resulting in the words, "this sounds like two aluminum cans joined with a piece of 6 ounce test fishing line", JFL has managed to put together something altogether different, yet even more simple. In fact, almost scary simple. In the words of Dr. Lessard, "I ruined two full copper mounting plates but it was worth it." Does it sound like a Horus on steroids?
Stay tuned..

The latest 2A3 PP Monos from JFL
New MagneQuest Iron!
Robin Hood Series
SE Output Transformers

Mikey LaFevre decided to take from the RICHES of the MQ vault to GIVE TO THE POOR, as in the poor starving DIY loons wanting GREAT entry level iron for projects with MQ quality. Here for a Limited Release are the new Robin Hood SE Outputs! These outputs might just be the BEST entry level iron available ANYWHERE at a price that is near impossible to pass up.
Robin Hood SE Output Iron Details
The Ultimate 2A3 All Triode Push-Pull
MagneQuest joins forces with Pantheon's Jean-Francois Lessard to bring you the ultimate 2A3 Triode PP Monoblocks featuring some of our best output iron, the MQ/Peerless Permalloy S-240-A. Follow the build of these amps as we document it step by step with photos and comments.  SEE PREVIEW ONE | PREVIEW TWO
A full size preview of the 2A3 Triode PP Project

Wavelength Audio's new Signature 45
Gordon stated it simple: This is the BEST amplifier I have ever built. This new stereo amp will only be produced in a one year run - With a tuned chassis, MONSTER Parafeed chokes, Silver-Cobalt MQ outputs and other custom offerings, the Signature 45 amp stands apart from the SET clones.      DETAILS

Gordon Rankin's BEST amplifier yet?
Cosecant USB DAC by Wavelength Audio
Here you are once again, stuck on the computer, staring at the screen. And the sound? Yep. Canned. Harsh. Tiny. Well, Gordon Rankin got to thinking it's time for a change. With computer music downloads at an all-time high, the time has come: Cosecant DAC.
See the Cosecant DAC -  Computer Sonic Heaven?
Transformer Inductance on Tube Load Line
MQ Tech Corner article 2 is an online conversation documenting an exchange between VoltSecond and Mike LaFevre concerning the effects of Transformer Inductance on the load line of a tube. Graphs and details by VoltSecond
MQ Tech Article 2: Transformer Inductance and Tube Load Line

Bottlehead serves up PARADOX
The 2003 VSAC was a great success! And one of the reasons was the Bottlehead room, voted Best of Show by Positive Feedback Online. One of the key ingredients is Doc and company's new PARADOX 2A3 or 300B MQ TFA-2004 Parafeed shod SET monoblocks. Bottlehead's next kit offering, these feature the custom BRAINIAC chokes. The kit will offer a 2A3 or 300B build choice.       DETAILS

See info on the Paradox 2A3/300B

Cobalt SET 45 Parafeed Dual Mono
Kurt Strain offers up his latest DIY. "It's pure music; there is no amp I have heard that beats it." See Kurt's creation featuring our Cobalt parafeeds. Article includes Kurt's build comments, interior wiring pic, and a printable schematic with part listings.

Click to see the Cobalt SET 45 article!
Cobalt SET 45 Parafeed
by Kurt Strain
Horus 2A3 Silver Parafeed Monoblocks
Jean-François Lessard built these beautiful custom MQ silver wound Parafeed monoblocks that are nothing short of stunning. Lessard's article is excellent with build comments, shots, and a printable schematic with FULL detailed part list. Jean-François gets stellar sound from the Horus-Lamhorn 1.8 with AER Mk 1 combo. These amps have now been built by a number of DIY souls with excellent results.
Click here to see the Horus 2A3 Silver!
Horus 2A3 Silver Monoblocks
By Jean-Francois Lessard
Wavelength Duetto / MagneQuest
Just how good is the Duetto?
I've seriously only wanted to own three really extravagant things in my entire life; a house on a hill overlooking the Old City in Jerusalem, a Chagall painting, and a legitimately high-end piece of gear so superior to its peers that I would never part with it for any reason.... I'm one third of the way there.
- Ian White from Enjoy the Music

WL Duetto review at
Wavelength Duetto at Enjoy the Music
Wavelength Audio 45/2A3 Gemini Stereophile rave!
Wavelength Audio and Gordon Rankin have been a hot item in the Audio press. Gordon's amazing 45/2A3 Gemini Monoblocks were reviewed and loved by Stereophile's Robert Deutch. Please click on Stereophile at right for more!
Robert Deutch loves the Gemini 45/2a3

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