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MagneQuest transformers are unequaled in high fidelity audio today. Look at the leading edge of tube amplification and you will see amplifiers powered by MagneQuest. Quite simply, there is no substitution for quality and craftsmanship.

The amps that employ our transformers have been consistently rated as the best sounding tube amplifiers in the World; review after review has come in with nothing but accolades. We were there at the forefront of the Single Ended resurgence. In 2003, we are still leading the way; take a look below and it's not hard to see why.

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Wave length Audio Triton - Click to vist Wavelength  Audio
Wavelength Audio
Gordon Rankin is one of America's most celebrated and highly awarded designers. Several best of year awards, show stopper awards, and many great reviews have garnered his single ended amplifiers. 300B's, 2A3's, VV52's... power ratings from less than 2 watts to greater than 30 watts. And every watt a musical watt. Gordon's amps are "cream of the crop"... all of them!

Click to visit Curcio Audio
Curcio Audio
Joe Curcio needs no introductions. A long time mainstay designer with a very loyal following, Joe has some great tube circuits as well as top notch mods for Dynaco gear. Check out Joe's new MQ 100 amplifier (picture at left). A quad set of Svetlana 6550's for a hundred musical watts. And the amps look great as well. His amps feature "custom iron just for Joe" by MagneQuest.

Go see the amazing Alessandro Guitar Amplifiers!
Alessandro Amplifiers
George Alessandro builds the famous "Hound Dog" guitar amps which feature MQ iron throughout. Read about his products in rave reviews in Guitar Player magazine. Indeed, there are very few, if any, that combine the amazing tone of George's amps with the beautiful, custom woodwork that goes into Alessandro cabinets! The basic amplifier head is housed in a cabinet-grade, hand-oiled solid oak cabinet; yet Alessandro amplifiers are also available in a variety of stunning hardwoods, including flame maple, cherry, mahogany, koa and walnut, to name a few. All Alessandro amplifiers are custom engineered from the ground up, offering impeccable hand-craftsmanship for a sonic experience not quickly forgotten. Hop on George's site to see these amazing amps featuring MQ iron.


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